Beautiful beaches and large ports, here is what summarises the Oranie. Nicknamed “El Bahia” (the radiant), Oran is the second largest city in the country. Its coast is dotted with beaches some of which are among the wildest in the Mediterranean. The agglomeration now has nearly two million inhabitants. Coming from a turbulent colonial past (Spanish, Turkish and French), the region knew how to form its own identity. It is now recognised for its impressive cultural heritage, including raï. This style of music, rebellious as sensual, has become the ambassador of the city around the world.

The second city of Oranie, Tlemcen, situated in 800 m of height, is the only city of Algeria to being able to boast to possess Moresque buildings of the quality of those of Andalusia. Nowadays, the one that we call “the city of cherries” is a place convenient to the relaxation and of the most pleasant to visit.

Mostaganem kept, as for it, a old character, but also opened in a modern economy. For proof, it is enough to surrender to the new district of Tijdit, where the beautiful beaches surroundings allow to take advantage of the sun.