The most authentic, and undoubtedly the most legendary in the eyes of the Ibadhites .  A holy city par excellence, built on a hill side and surrounded by a splendid wall, with monumental gates which, for a long time they were used to close at night.

Its palm grove is the most beautiful, crossed by a long clear dam. From the ledge that overlooks the city, the sunset is one of the most beautiful sights there is. The terraces sparkle with ocher, blue and white. During your walk with a guide, be sure to ask them to take you up to Bordj Cheikh El Hadj, a watchtower listed as World Heritage by Unesco. Or visit a house-museum that allows you to see a traditional Mozabite interior.

Feast of the carpet of Ghardaia:

This holiday takes place during spring break (mid-March). The capital of the M’Zab Valley is punctuated by an exhibition of the different carpets of the country, folklore evenings animated by karkabou troops and, tourist visits through the five cities of the metropolis of the M’zab valley or Béni Izguen is in the spotlight with its mythical auction market.