History of Algeria

The Father of modern Algeria

Emir Abdelkader

The Emir Abdelkader ibn Mahuddin, the founder of modern Algeria was an Islamic scholar and soldier who combined the best qualities of freedom fighter and peace maker. Often called the George Washington of Algeria, Abdelkader led a collective resistance against French colonial invasion of Algeria. His faith-based leadership, moral authority, keen intelligence, physical stamina, natural military skill, and knowledge of tribal ways enabled him to organise Algerian tribesmen into a guerrilla force that effectively resisted the French occupation.

He is remembered today as one of the nineteenth century’s most inspiring leaders for his humane treatment of Christian opponents during Algeria’s anti-colonial struggle. But Emir Abdelkader was not just a noble warrior, during his exile in Syria when a conflict between the Druze and Christians spread to Damascus in 1860, he led an intervention and rescued the Christian community from certain massacre.

The Emir Abdelkader was credited with saving 10,000 Christian lives, which earned him global admiration, where he received gifts and accolades from the likes of President Lincoln, Queen Victoria, Pope Pius IX, Tsar Alexander II, and the presidents of France, Greece, and Turkey.

The Emir’s legacy still lives on today even in United States, where a new settlement was named in his honour, called today, Elkader in Clayton County, Iowa. Twinned with the Algeria city of Mascara. The New York Times described him as “one of the few great men of the century,”

We are just putting the finishing touches to our new Emir Abdelkader tour. Adventure Algeria 's circuit will include visits to many of the places associated with the Emir' life and his long fight against the French invasion to Algeria, visiting Mascara province his birth place and capital city of his state, then to Telmchen , Oran , Mostaganem and Ain Defela.