Privileged destination, a great classic of unmissable Saharan tourism, a visit to the Assekrem plateau is essential, has been waiting for you since the dawn of time. The spectacle is incomparable with endless rocky peaks, needles and sharp edges. This journey to the Hermitage takes at least two days. Two days of happiness, first going along the Ilharen, leaving the thermal spring of Tahabort in the southwest and stopping at the Gueltas of Imlaoulaouene. Water temple in the middle of a tortured landscape, these waterfalls 20 meters high, The panoramic view is superb, the gaze is lost to infinity.

To the north rises the imposing Tahat. This is the last step to the refuge of Père de Foucauld. This hermitage, built in 1910, houses a beautiful little chapel, here, mineral and spiritual communion combine with force; and silence, meditation and transcendence become essence.