Here too, the foggaras are queen. Here, as in Timimoun, the orchards shine to the point that Adrar has become an agricultural capital of modern Algeria. Capital of Saharan tomatoes, the current city, which has its annual festival in March, knows how to make people forget its modernity, especially for the curious who will have the courage to venture to Tamentit, a dozen kilometers away.

This oasis overlooked by a ksar was an ancient spiritual center, which shone far beyond the region, as far as Mali. Adrar is also the last stage before the famous and mythical Tanezrouft, “the land of thirst”, a huge plateau stretching over 800 kilometers …

Further south, finally, Bordj Badji Mokhtar, a former fort in ruins, today a border town linked to Algiers by the Trans-Saharan, more than 2,000 kilometers further north .

The miracle of the foggaras

The communities, for a long time, probably since ancient times, have developed one of the most sophisticated and ingenious systems of irrigation and water supply, in fact is one of the most astonishing too: the famous “foggaras”, underground galleries dug through aquifer formations, generally sandstone, where water is captured by capillarity, and which to this day