Bespoke Tours To Algeria Packed With Adventures

Are you ready to discover Africa’s largest nation?

Our bespoke tours introduce you to the many wonders of Algeria: the tenth largest country in the world.

Algeria is one of the most interesting places in North Africa, with a rich history and culture and gorgeous landscapes. It’s home to seven UNESCO World Heritage sites which are found across the country including in Algiers, Constantine and Oran. Thanks to being the ‘land of ancient civilizations’, this country is something of a paradise for history lovers.

Famous for its friendly and hospitable people, it also boasts a captivating coastline and many fascinating cultural sites. Famed for its delectable cuisine, this is a country with something for all tastes.

With our bespoke tours to Algeria, you’ll enjoy an unforgettable experience full of breathtaking wonders.

We love introducing intrepid travellers to this beautiful country.  Adventure Algeria takes people on a wide range of well tailored tours, including those to Roman Algeria: one of the most impressive Roman remains in the world.

Lasting for eleven days, you’ll discover everything from the Aures mountains of Batna to the plateaus of Setif. We’ll also go through the canyon of El Abiod to Biskra: the gateway to the desert, enabling you to enjoy a taste of the northern frontiers of the Sahara.

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